Just over a century ago, an estimated 10,000 tamaraws grazed and bred throughout the island of Mindoro. But the population has taken severe blows – ranging from a crippling outbreak of rinderpest in the 1930s to incessant land clearing and trophy hunting.
Only about 480 tamaraws left in the wild which isn’t enough for a population to be sustainable. A population this small causes an ‘allee effect‘ where the genetic diversity of the species becomes weak.
This critically endagered and endemic Mindor dwarf buffalos will be found in a grassy slopes and forest patches of Mts. Iglit, Baco, Aruyan and Calavite in Mindoro.
The Tamaraws are now classified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as critically endangered – the highest risk rating for any animal species.
To support the conservation of both the tamaraw and its productive mountain habitats, DENR -Tamaraw Conservation Program partnered with NOVALO COLLECTION by NOV9M with an ambitious goal to raise fund by selling Tamaraw Inspired Jewelry and Portion of the proceed will go to support the Tamaraw Conservation Program to help tamaraw numbers increase to 600 by the this year 2020